"About a year and a half ago, I underwent multiple surgeries for a blood clot that developed in my left arm that left me with lymphedema, nerve damage and general loss of strength with doctors saying you probably won't be able to lift more than 10 pounds over your head ever again. A year after surgery, I wanted to get back into shape again but didn't know how or where - that's when I found Tina and Balanced Barre. It was a slow go at first but with Tina's guidance and modifications I was able to start doing my normal life things again like carry groceries or even a plate a food to the table. Today, due to BarreAmped and Tina, I am stronger than I ever thought - I have my arm strength back and I have my body back. The Balanced Barre team is excellent! They challenge and push you but in the end its their encouragement to keep you going and make you want to challenge yourself!"

Kjirsten K.

"I am so happy I found Balanced Barre! Over the last few years I’ve tried several different workout routines, classes, pilates, yoga, as well as working out on my own, but something was always lacking and none of them made me want to make a long-term commitment – until Balanced Barre. I’ve been attending for almost 2 years now and I love it. I like the size of the classes, I like the women I workout with, I like the variety of classes Tina offers (love BarreAmped Boot Camp + Bounce!), I like feeling my muscles more toned and most of all I like Tina and her team of instructors. They are fantastic! They lead, teach, motivate, demand and make me want to return. There is no better feeling than sore muscles the day after a workout and, most importantly, knowing that it is a “good sore” - all instructors ensure proper form is used. Balanced Barre is the Best!"

Janet P.

 "I first came to Balanced Barre two years ago, out of shape and discouraged after yet another injury while training for triathlons. I never imagined what the BarreAmped method could do for me- my core has never been stronger and my muscles are longer, leaner, and more flexible than when I was a teenager. As a surgeon, I appreciate Tina's knowledge of the body's structure and muscle function and the importance of alignment- she really gets the most out of every exercise you do! Tina and her instructors know how to push and challenge while encouraging, and the result is an environment where you get the best out of yourself."

                                                                                                                Kristen J.

"I first started coming to balanced barre about 2 1/2 years ago when a dear friend had her bachelorette party at the studio. I had always wanted to try a barre class, so I was thrilled when I saw it was part of the agenda. It was so hard…I was shaking like crazy and knew immediately it was a class that would challenge me! I had been looking for something new as my running career was coming to an end after tearing my labrum in one of my hips. I needed something to fill the addiction of running and barre was perfect! Since starting barre, my hip no longer hurts and I am in better shape then I was when I was spending hours on the pavement.  

Tina is amazing! She loves what she does and it shows in every class she teaches. She continues to always challenge us with new moves and new classes. I appreciate her love for us, her studio and I look forward to each class with her! All of the instructors are great and each one haa a different method of teaching, which is so nice. They ALL will make you shake!

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with twins and barre has been so great for me during my pregnancy! I have to modify some of the moves & Tina has been great at instructing me to let me know what I can and can’t do in class (which has been tough as I want to go harder), but I know that after the babies arrive, I’ll be back at it & barre will snap me right back into shape! I highly recommend Balanced Barre to any pregos out there! It feels so great to move and stretch as your body is growing and changing. I hope to continue with barre classes as long as my body allows it!"

Katie E.

“I love Tina & the instructors at BB! I also love all the beautiful people I have meet at the studio! The classes are very form focused, super fun & they work all the parts of my body that need it…this is truly a place to be transformed (mind & body)!"

Michelle J.

"I'm 51 years old and I've been coming to the Balanced Barre for over a year and a half. But that's not the interesting part and this isn't really about me. We all have our reasons for wanting to get into shape, stay in shape or just be healthy. Sometimes it takes a crisis or an ephiphany. But it's about finding the RIGHT place with a parallel philosophy or work ethic that keeps you coming back. That's the secret. As I approached the big 50 a few years back I decided to lose some weight and eat better. But it wasn't enough. I also wanted to "feel" better. I took a leap of faith and decided to look into this thing called the BARRE. Barre is hard to explain, it’s easier to say what it isn’t, it isn’t yoga (done that) it isn’t pilates (done that) its BARRE! 🙂 Of course after my son would tell my friends that I was at the 'bar' again, I decided I should try to do a better job of explaining it, at least to my friends. 🙂

Paige was my first instructor when I arrived and after starting at Balanced Barre, I found myself achy in places on my body that I didn’t even know the name of. I'm now addicted. Some days are better than others when I come to class, but with her words of encouragement like “Choose what’s right for you today" it keeps me coming back. Tina is amazing and I can often hear her in my head, even when I'm not at the studio, "You can do anything for 10 sec.!" Thank you Tina, sometimes life comes at you and you just need to take it moment by moment and your mantra helps. Tina has built a community where it feels safe to try and where its form first. Like I said in the beginning this isn’t about me but about any woman, at any age that wants to be fierce, that wants to take her own health and lifestyle into her own hands with gentle prodding and encouragement from Tina and her Team. Thank you for asking me to be the client of the month and for being there for anybody ( Men too!) who want to make a healthy change. You’ve made a difference in my life and many like me.”

Stacey Q.
 "The first time I came to Balanced Barre I was with a coworker who had been encouraging me to try it. I am a runner and never really have liked group fitness classes, #Challengeyourself. I LOVED my first BarreAmped Bootcamp class. As a runner, that did not cross train much, I was prone to injuries; some small, and some bigger back/disc issues. After 3 steroid spinal injections, I found that one barre class a week kept my back feeling strong and pain free. It was an excellent way for me to strengthen and tone smaller muscle groups and to always be conscious of my core, #formfirst. BarreAmped has also made me a stronger and faster runner, #shaketochange. Now at 37 weeks pregnant, I am proud to say I can still make it through a class:) #yesyoucan. I am nearing the end of my 3rd pregnancy, in which, I have had zero back pain and felt stronger and more in shape than during my previous two pregnancies. I owe this to Tina & the Balanced Barre crew. I appreciate Tina's knowledge in helping me modify exercises as my belly has grown larger. I am thankful for the supportive group of clients and instructors at Balanced Barre. There is always so much encouragement every time you come to a class with the end result of being your best you"!

Allison A.

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